Ad Impact research

Would you like to have insight into the psychological and economical impact of your ad campaigns?

In our cookie panel you can reach over 80,000 participants for advertising impact research. We are happy to offer you different methods of implementation.

Classic Cookie Tracking

All online touchpoints between our panelists and your ad within your campaign are measured via our panel. The concerned panelists are then questioned and contacted specifically.


This methodology can be integrated easily into currently running campaigns. This way you can analyse current and following successes.
The measurement takes place in real life conditions – no studio setting

Programmatic Insights

With the programmatic approach we can send your test campaign to a pre-defined selection of panelists.


You can pretest your campaigns before launch in a closed community. This pre-analysis allows you to identify key success factors and expand on these. This way you can increase success of your campaign.
Reduced costs through pre-testing rather than post clean-up. Especially with our existing panel and efficient set-up costs are kept at a minimum.
We are happy to implement customised designs and methodology befitting your company.
Thanks to specific invitation of panelists even small campaigns with specific target groups can be realized.