Behavioral Data

In cooperation with our Partner Gemius we have created a tracking panel in which, adhering to GDPR standards and with explicit consent of our panelists, we track the customer journey of over 8000 panelists, covering multiple internet connected platforms.

To achieve this we capture behavioral data over the multiple different devices our panelists use and combine these with collected survey data.

How we collect data

As a result we protocol visited websites, mobile ad contact, and app usage, analyzable by participation ID and timestamp. Part of our panelists is equipped with prepared smartphones, that provide further XY data.

This approach can be supplemented with Cookie Tracking, if you wish to capture panelist contact
with your digital ads or websites.

USP: You can analyze a combination of passive behavioral data with live questionnaires or profile characteristics. Our clients use these unique insights for:

Target audience analysis

Customer journey analysis

Range measurement

Ad impact research and
competitor analysis

We are also happy to support you in analysis
and interpretation of the data!

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