Location Based Research

Use our high quality panels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for your surveys!​

With many sensors, the smartphone offers different approaches with which it is possible to track passive movement data of panellists.

GPS & Routing

The measurement of GPS coordinates is possible without additional hardware and thus offers a flexible and scalable approach without additional infrastructure.


For certain regions, the time of entry and departure are recorded and the length of stay measured.

Panellists with a suitable research app 

(a) can be interviewed directly in real time
(b) can be invited to the study at a later stage


Step 1

Beacons are installed at the POS

Step 2

Panelist installs beacon-capable app

Step 3

Smartphone is localized and panelist receives invitation via push notification

Step 4

Panelist approaches the Beacon with an active Bluetooth connection


Einfache Integration in bestehende Kampagnen - Tracking Pixel kann unkompliziert in Ad Tag ergänzt werden

Survey of participants possible during and after contact measurement

Calculation of routes and contact probabilities using algorithms