Location Based

Our one of a kind Location-Based panel records the live location of registered users.

With this technology it is possible to answer out-of-home challenges such as:

Who are your clients and how do they move throughout the city?

What do your clients experience at the Point of Sale?

Who is your target demographic and who are the clients of your competitors?



With our continuous tracking we register current panelist whereabouts.


We can erect Geofencing-Zones, in which entry and exit of panelist is recorded.


These are small IOT-Sensors, that transmit a Bluetooth signal. As soon as a panelist comes within reach, the position is registered.

GDPR approved

All of GapFish developed and deployed technology conforms to most current GDPR standards. This is ensured through always newest ISO-certification.

3000 panelists

Available for all location-based surveys


Find answer to all your geo-based questions


Insights based on where your customers are