You need help finding the right research approach for you?

Our team of experts has comprehensive knowledge of the different approaches and can assist in finding what is right for your goals.

Please find below a few examples from our portfolio.


The classic form of market research. Answer all questions you have with online surveys.

Invite a specific target group to this questionnaire to receive better answers.


You would like to know what your target group is thinking or feeling? How does an opinion form over a period of time or how does your product effect the people using it over a matter of days or weeks? The best form of research would be to launch Diary Studies, in which panelists let you know how they feel with multiple entries.

IHUT Product testing

Let your product be tested before you launch it!

By asking your target group for an opinion before launch you can optimize your product and save costs in the long run.


Accompany your target group over a longer period of time – we take care of invite management and keep an overview for you. An easy way to realize market research even over a period of years.

Cookie surveys

 The most effective way to optimize your campaigns ad impact.

Use our classic cookie tracking or the programmatic approach to gain insights!